Think And Grow Rich

A classic must read for anyone. This books teaches core concepts of how the rich and successful got to where they are.
It’s really a matter of mind of matter. Patience, having a purpose, and why you’re up to what you’re up to place a big part too.

Civilization And Its Discontents

Since the early 1800s, society has began to transform meraciously. It became about not just being able to live, but live in style, popularity, and under the lime light. People have grown discontent in simply wanted to live and be happy. Society has condition them into wanted what they want and showing it all. Media controls us. Become weary and become aware before it takes over you.

The Definitive Book Of Body Language

Body language is the universal language across all cultures. It’s important to know how to read and interpret people, just as well as it is to express yourself. Read this one for a lifetime of valuable lesson you’ll take with you and be able to use world wide.