Best Way to Study for AP Exams

AP test prep books

Worried for you AP exam? Don’t be. In this article, we’ll give comprehensive exam study tips and guides from to give you higher chances is earning a college degree credit or course placement for your college applications.

Why should I take an AP exam?

Taking an AP exam is recommendable especially if the university that you are planning to enroll to considers class credits, enabling you to finish college faster than the regular amount of time needed. In return, it’ll save you time and money in earning your college degree. However, there are some universities that don’t allow you to finish early but gives you advanced classes already to begin your college degree.

If you are confident enough to study for your AP exam on your own, then allowing almost half a year to prepare and review for the exam is a must. Also, considering the book suggestions to use from can give you a certain edge in reviewing. Follow these tips to help prepare your way to gain 5 in your AP exam.

Understand the test exam structure

You cannot start the study if you don’t have at least an idea as to what you’ll be expecting on the exam. An effective way to be on the same track as your goal is to clearly set goals and achievements while on the progress of studying. Therefore, you should know what you need to review and learn. A few things to take note are:

  • Time allotted for each exam subject
  • Number of questions for the exam subject
  • Skill focused content areas in the exam

Be sure to know these before starting to study for your AP class. Why? First off, if you don’t know the time limit for the exam, you’ll end up cramming on scenarios where there are no more time left to answer everything up. Thus, awareness can help you in answering the essay type and multiple choice questions for you can practice according to the allotted time.

Develop and create an AP Study Plan fit to you

After understanding the expected structure of the AP exam, it is time to schedule and plan out ahead on how you are going to cover up all of the necessary topics. It doesn’t necessarily need to be very detailed but as long as you can put necessary details like what subject topic to cover up in a specific date and the starting time and finish time. Remember to give ample date in refreshing back the lessons you have learned on a weekly basis, enabling you to retain notes better. Do this for each month until you’ve reached the May schedule.

Collect study content or practice exam questions

It is impractical to review again everything you have learned in years high school topics in just 6 months. To avoid this hassle and waste of time, give time in getting necessary notes and practice questions for AP exam. There may be books that are available in your school’s library or you can purchase up to date and relevant review books from

Keep track on your progress and learning

While reviewing, it is important to take note of your weaknesses regarding the exam. If you are using the books from, you’ll be able to do practice questions. Diligently take your score and work on why did you answered wrong on a specific question. If it is a problem-based question, then find out the correct solution. You can go back and answer everything again, helping you to retain the correct answer. Also, consider the following study tips that’ll certainly help your study habits.

Study Tips:

  • Understand and adjust to your learning style
  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Practice, practice, and practice
  • Do a dry run of the AP exam
  • Invest in practice books and materials
  • Have a tutor or study in groups
  • Motivate yourself while studying like giving small compensation to yourself when you reach a certain phase in your studying
  • Practice the structure of your essays

How to get 5 on AP exam

Follow these tips and invest in your review materials to get 5 on you AP exam. Whether it is an online material or a physical book, remember that they are both efficient and effective. However, it is a challenge as to what books should you trust on to. To help you out, provides a wide range or review books and tips to ace your AP exam. They have a variety of books specifically for each subject, thus enabling you to focus more on your desired subject. Other than that, the suggested books all offers a diagnostic test for you to be aware of you strong or weak points. Another good thing about is that they feature latest books applicable to the current year of AP exam.